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Michael Moore

for U.S. Congress

5th District- Minnnesota

5th District- Minnesota

Michael Moore

for U.S. Congress

The Negative Effects of Political Partisanship

This concept may be the most critical political point we could make about our country right now.  It is the reason we all recognize for most of the problems we are forced to endure.  It is also the biggest reason why we need to elect Michael Moore for U.S. Congress.  We all know that relations between members of differing parties are growing worse and more combative. This division is polarizing not just the govt., but perhaps more critically, it is polarizing the population and making compromise essentially impossible.  Unfortunately for our pluralistic society, the inability to compromise means we can neither advance any cause nor solve our very serious problems.  The answer to this is actually quite simple.  What we desperately need are more positive examples of non-partisan based political outreach. We need people who truly put the interest of the people they serve above their political party.  Because of the complications and expense of most political races, this simply isn’t possible with traditional Democratic or Republican candidates.  People who serve these political Masters will always be beholden to them first.  They will always put party first, then the money, then themselves and their own personal political ambitions, and lastly, if there's any room left, they'll consider the people.


This is why electing Michael Moore is so critically important at this time.  Michael Moore doesn’t represent ANY political party.  While he has been endorsed by a Major Party (fun fact: in Minnesota, that's the only way to get your name on the ballot...) he isn’t beholden to them, their platform or their viewpoint.  The party he represents didn’t finance his election, and therefore, he has nothing to gain by blindly supporting whatever they might believe.  (and that's if they even had any strict beliefs, which they basically do not...) Michael Moore is free to represent the entire population of the 5th district of Minnesota, whether they identify with the Democrats, the Republicans, or any and all unaffiliated Independent groups. 


We cannot continue to treat this situation as an "US AGAINST THEM" fight over unwavering principles.  Unlike the vast majority of politicians, Michael Moore doesn’t represent only the people who voted for him.  He doesn’t represent only the people who pledge allegiance to the party to which he belongs.  No.  He represents EVERYONE.  In equal and fair portions.  This is one of the reasons why you received his direct telephone number. Why he encourages any and all constituents to call him anytime.  Because he is truly representing YOU.  This means he needs to know how you feel about the issues which concern us.  What you think directly impacts the representation he gives as our representative.  This is why he will spend much more time in the 5th district than in the District of Columbia.


Unlike his predecessor, Michael Moore isn’t going to Washington D.C. to advance his own personal agenda.  Or fulfill his personal political ambitions. He’s not trying to make a national name for himself, accrue vast sums of international campaign financing, enrich himself, engage in secretive and inappropriate marital affairs, or become corrupted by any other political temptation.  He is going to Washington D.C. strictly as the representative of the 5th district of Minnesota. As one of you, to carry your attitudes, feelings and concerns to the United States Congress on your behalf.  Never to pre-determine those attitudes, feelings or concerns for you. And certainly NOT to tell you what you should or should not believe or feel about any issue. 


The extremism demonstrated by many members of Congress is precisely why Congress remains gridlocked and ineffective.  In many ways, the Democratic party has been co opted by extremists and socialist progressives.  The Republican party has been hijacked by extremist conservatives.  And both parties are ruled by partisan absolutism, which disallows and disavows anyone who attempts to compromise or settle for a solution.  The inability of elected officials to understand and carry out their appointed duties is at the heart of our nation’s legislative failures.  While one person can’t do it alone, one person can be the example from which others learn how to properly function, and spark a revolution of thinking.  Electing Michael Moore will be that change for the better that proves to everyone that money and tradition are not any solution, but rather the SINGLE BIGGEST PROBLEM in our political arena.


When the 5th district shows the nation that a single person, unaffiliated and non-political, can independently organize and galvanize the population at a grassroots level, WITHOUT ANY FINANCING WHATSOEVER and convince people that change is not only possible, but necessary.  And don't forget the fact that we're facing off against a multi-million dollar force with 70+ years of experience and tradition.  Well, that’s the beginning of a movement that can create a wave of righteous action and positive results.  By living the example of a non-partisan representative, we will forge a new path together. A path of committing ourselves to each other and to our shared vision of a better future.


We should absolutely expect that people around the country take immediate notice of what we've done and react with similar efforts.  We should expect that both of the major parties realize what a coup we've accomplished and aggressively reform their misguided tactics.  We should expect that the 5th district will be restored to a place of political prominence and leadership, rather than remain the nation's poster child of meaningless, socialist, progressive, extremist, idealism.  Ideals are important, but what's better than ideals are actions and meaningful legislation that propels ideals forward into reality.  Not every issue can be achieved overnight or in total.  All of the most important achievements we have made as a country have come over time, at a cost, and in individual stages. Moving forward, even slowly, is always a better strategy than absolute gridlock and stagnation.  It's one thing to hold true to your principles, but placing idealistic principles above the good of the people you serve and represent is nothing more than political grandstanding, which is precisely what we have today. 


When you vote for Michael Moore you're voting for a change to people power. You’re voting to place the future of the nation into the hands of individuals. Not corporations, not political parties, not rich benefactors, and not elitist politicians.  Michael Moore will be the first of many elected officials who begin to turn the system we've grown so used to into a working and moving operation that reacts and responds only to the people.  I would encourage anyone who reads this message, to send me your information so that I can include you in our  list of supporters and we can start right now, working together to achieve those important ideals we all share. 


*It was brought to our attention that some people who don't understand humor or hyberbole, might believe that I don't understand our state's political laws. That I don't realize that it's possible to "get your name on the ballot" by acquiring a certain number of signaturs on a petition.  Obviously, as a endorsed candidate from a third party, who has had to gather signatures on a petition in the past, we more than understnd this point, we've sucessfuly lived through it.  People need to understand that in the history of our country, despite having 400+ congressional elections every 2 years, no one ever ascends to Congress through a signature petition candidacy. It's not only historically improbable, it's truly unrealistic.  So when I say that being endorsed by a major party is the only way to get your name on the ballot, I'm simply trying to stay in the realm of political reality.


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