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Michael Moore

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5th District- Minnesota

for U.S. Congress

10-15% of all donations go to charity

Meet Michael Moore

Dear 5th District Neighbor-

My Name is Mickey Moore and I'm on the ballot for U.S. Congress. I want to remind you that you have a choice to vote for someone you know and who knows you. Someone born and raised in the 5th District who shares your values and experiences. Who exemplifies the type of Donald Fraser style professionalism and Martin Sabo style competence to which you've grown accustomed. Someone with the true discipline and integrity to function as your representative, without embarrassing themselves or our district.


What we need now more than anything are representatives who are not guided solely by their own personal agenda. Who are not consumed with their obligation to one particular political party and are willing to work for the people to find and institute real solutions and meaningful reforms. I want you to know and believe that I will always be responsive to you personally.  Our district isn't benefitted by someone who wants to pick fights with their own personal enemies, or use their position as a platform for their own misguided global viewpoints. You can easily prove this by simply calling me anytime. (my direct phone number is right at the top of every website page) Please check out this unique website more closely and look into why a vote for Mickey Moore is a better and more responsible choice for us this time.


We all know and agree that Congress is broken for us. Oh's working great for politicians and the wealthy elite, but for us, the common people, the average everyday working American, it is constantly gridlocked.  All the smart and available solutions we have can never be implemented until we the people elect leaders who are willing to work together. This is why we need new leaders.  Leaders like me, Mickey Moore, who are willing to put the people in front of extremist partisan politics. Put individual citizens in front of self-interested corporations who want to control the narrative and even in front of the uncompromising political parties. Like the slogan says, "WE NEED MOORE". Thank you in advance for your support.


The Important ways in which Mickey Moore will change 5th District politics


1.) Neither Mickey nor his campaign are prioritizing donations and fundraising. In our last campaign, (2020) we took no pac money, we had no big money donors, no special interest group financing.  Nothing!!!  Electing the person who spends the most money makes us accomplices in the problem of political corruption.  But electing someone who significantly limits their use of money proves their absolute incorruptibility and proves that anyone can become a political leader.  These are two things our system desperately needs to have happen if it is ever going to repair itself. In addition to strict limitations on our funding, we are also donating a significant % of our funds to local charities.

2.) Mickey is not obligated to represent only the Democrat or the Republican party.  Naturally, being born and raised right here in the 5th District, he embodies all the same traditional values, character traits and principles that the people of this district share. But only because that is his genuine character. Not because of some partisan obligation or calculated political decision.  So Mickey is not beholden to any political party, viewpoint or issue position and can work strictly and solely for the people. This is an absolute necessity if we are to repair our broken system.

3.) Mickey is an effective leader. He's always put in charge as the captain or the boss.  People listen to him and are inspired by his lead and example.  Where he goes, people follow. Young and old, people across the political spectrum of all races, creeds, colors, and religions immediately recognize and respect his honesty and integrity. 

4.) Mickey isn't running becasue of his own personal political ambition.  He is a businessman who sees a real and serious void of leadership in our community.  He doesn't have any plan to spend a lifetime in politics.  This perspective allows him to concentrate on the truly critical and important issues facing our district right  Rather than always considering his own future plans or the ever-looming issue of re-election.

5.) Mickey will be that independent representative that will effectively mark the beginning of a change in the way Congress operates. Less politically savvy people may have to see it to believe it, but you understand that electing Mickey Moore will have immediate, nationwide and long-lasting political shockwaves.

We really want to get to know you as much as you want to get to know us.  Please contact us to set up a convenient meeting time and place.  

"Politics is broken."  We've all heard that saying, probably more and more in recent times.  Intense political lobbying, corrupt politicians, campaign fundraising records, a perceived media bias that results in many  people no longer trusting formerly trustworthy sources. No one needs to look any further than this tragic response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  A governmental failure of epic proportions resulting in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.  The general public left wondering if there is anyone left in govt. who is actually willing to do the right thing. When it comes to Democrats and Republicans, it seems that these days, they can't agree on, compromise on, or work to solve anything, even in the face of a national, deadly crisis.  Maybe the only single reality that all Americans truly know and believe in, is that our American political system is broken.    


Within this campaign, and detailed within this website you will read, see and hear real, and absolute solutions.  Starting with this simple concept. We must stop electing partisan extremists!!!  This is the problem within our system today, and we have an answer for our district which will change the direction of our country's political future.  For generations we have seen things get worse and worse. Now is our chance to make things better. By electing Mickey Moore you will help end the cycle of polarization and partisanship.  By electing Mickey Moore, you bring a new and viable third track of options and opportunity.  By electing Mickey Moore, you will be setting the example for the country that we don't have to continue banging our collective heads against the brick wall of partisan politics.  We don't have to continue to be forcibly complicit in this fake struggle of "us vs. them", "good guys vs. bad guys".  This deliberately perpetrated illusion of a 2-party political system, forced upon us by a political tag-team which no longer holds our interests as their highest priority. 


The Democrats and Republicans are both very happy that Americans have almost entirely been conditioned into accepting that there are only 2 political choices, because that's what they want us to believe.  They want to be the only people splitting up the billions of dollars in campaign financing.  In 2016 it was 7 2020 it was 14 billion. By 2024, it will be well over 20 billion, and that's every 2 years, and to the people involved, that feels like guaranteed money.


The Democrats and Republicans want people to believe that they are the only ones who can solve the country's problems, but when we look closely at the real issues, we can all see that they haven't made any progress, which sadly means that we haven't made any progress.  We're still arguing about homelessness, poverty, fod insecurity, the war on drugs, public education in America is getting worse not better, environmental issues, healthcare, immigration, affordable housing, foreign affairs, gun control, crime and violence, and on and on and on.  It's all just political spin with no meaningful solutions to these problems.  


The truth is that none of the important issues we face as a nation can ever be solved until we fix the system itself. That requires voters regaining their power by electing someone who isn't beholden to the broken system.  By electing Mickey Moore, we will prove that our district is willing to show the powerful parties that they do not own our votes or control our agenda.  We will dictate for ourselves what course we take and what methods we use to come to real and meaningful resolutions for our issues.  We must change the manner in whicih the largest political parties approach their duties and their sworn oath, and that can only happen when we threaten their position of power by electing someone from outside of the 2 major political parties.  It will never happen if we just simply agree to keep sending the same partisan and biased politicans back to argue the same ideas and issues.  And the whole time, agreeing to continue to pay for all of it.  This is literally something we can change right here, right now, with this one single election.  


Electing MIckey Moore isn't just a solution, it's a message. It's a warning and a foretelling of a real change in political operations. A change in the type of person we elect. A change in the manner in which we elect people and the results that will be expected from their election.  Instead of more of the same, "business as usual", partisan politics, we will be ushering in a new era of public based power.  Of people based power.  Of nonpartisan, unbiased and genuine efforts to compromise, resolve and move forward on solutions that have already existsed for generations.  Solutions which for too long, lay dormant from the lack of political will.  Issues that can be solved immediately and for all time if we would truly and effectively apply the pressure of the people at the backs of our govt.

Who is Michael Moore and why is he running for Congress?

As everyone already knows, our country is facing some real problems.  Some are out in the open, some are still trying to remain hidden.  Some we're facing right now, (like homelessness, racial injustice, climate change, and others...) and some are just around the corner.  (the next viral pandemic, the national debt, education gap between America and the rest of the world, and others...) We can either choose to deal rationally, intelligently, and immediately in a genuine effort to make things better (imagine some historical issue like civil rights legislation) or we can stick our collective heads in the sand, pretending that these issues are not that serious and put off doing the necessary things we must do, until it's too late. (imagine a current issue like handling the COVID-19 pandemic)  Michael Moore is here to help solve a problem larger and more consuming than all of of these individual issues...the reason why our political system no longer functions properly.

Candidate for U.S. Congress- District 5 (Minnesota)
Let's make a REAL difference in the 5th

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